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July 30, 2017

Container Image Internals, Part 1: docker pull

The rise in popularity of Docker has led to a proliferation of container image usage in the cloud and devops space. The Docker toolchain makes working with container images easy, allowing users to build, distribute and run these images in just a handful of user-friendly commands. This series attempts to shed some light on the image format used by Docker (and the new Open Containers Initiative!) images. I will explain some basic examples of how images are constructed, and I’ll work through some basic examples of building images from scratch without using the Docker toolchain. ... Read more

July 30, 2017

Container Image Internals, Part 2: docker build and push

This is part 2 in a series on container image internals. See part 1 here. Have you ever built a Docker image from a Dockerfile using the ‘docker build’ command, and pushed it to a registry with ‘docker push’? After reading this post you should understand exactly how these commands work. Prereqs I tested the following commands on MacOS Sierra. If you plan on following along, you’ll need: A text editor you’re comfortable with. ... Read more

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